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Here are the descriptions of all the dance classes we offer, courses, class passes, casual drop-ins, payment details and all the terms and conditions. 

PLUS keep an eye out for exciting additional workshops and new dance classes. 


Please note: Due to the on and off lockdowns we will be only doing class passes and casuals  we will continue with terms next year. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Phone: 0411 634 838


Beginners Pole
This class is suitable for anyone who has never tried pole dancing before or has done just a little bit. We will learn basic spins, floor work and work on the foundations of pole. We encourage new students to do this class 10-15 times to build up enough strength and confidence to move to the next level easily. Once you are feeling confident in this class you can try Beg 2.
Beginners 2 Pole
This class is for students who can climb and have started inverting. Here we practice our beginners moves, learn new tricks and work on strengthening foundation for pole.
Intermediate Pole
GET HIGH! Now that you can invert and do hang backs with ease, in this class you will learn aerial moves and combos, learn how to flow them with floor work and dance moves. We recommend getting stretchy as well, flexibility will take you a long way from here on.
Inter 2 & Advanced Pole Class
Learn advanced aerial pole moves and combos, learn how to flow them with more intricate floor work and dance moves. You are also able to do enrol in our Pole Tricks, Sexy Flow and Chair &Pole classes if you want to come to a lesson more than once a week and/or learn other aspects of pole dance.
Sexy Flow
This class is for students Beg 2 and above. You should be able to climb and sit comfortably. Your instructor will teach you a choreographed piece. There is lots of floor work and moves around the pole as well as combinations on the pole. You will need knee pads and heels are recommended, but not mandatory. Let's get our sexy on!
Mixed Level Pole 
This class is focused on learning pole tricks and choreography. No mater what your level is there will be suitable tricks for you to learn. It is also a great complimentary class for Intro and Beginners who would like to do more than one class a week to strengthen your foundations, faster.
Pole For ALL (all levels and all genders)
This is a mixed level class open to all genders and all levels. 
This is a high intensity dance fitness class. Incorporating cardio and muscular training to get those abs and core whipped into shape, while still learning a new skill – dancing to Caribbean and Dancehall music! Be prepared to shake your booty!
All levels welcome.
Click HERE for a little taster.
Sexy Heels
Learn to move in heels to music, while holding poise and looking sexy!
The class will consist of learning dance moves, how to flow smoothly, turns, floor work (suitable for pole dancing) and choreography. You will learn foundations you can use to help build on, to improve your balance, dance and movement. Come get your sexy on!
Remember to bring heels and knee pads. All levels welcome.
Expect something along the likes of this genius Yanis Marshall!
Click HERE for a little taster.
Hula Hoop Dance (available as workshop or private classes only)
This class is for anyone who loves hula hoop! In this class we will teach you the basics for on body hooping (around your waist, knees etc.), off body hooping (using your hands to spin the hoop), how to transition from one move to another and how to move around while hooping. If you are not a beginner we will work on learning new tricks and choreography made up of your favourite tricks.
Chair Flow (available as workshop or private classes only)
Learn different ways to move on , around, behind and on top of a chair, in a choreographed routine. This class is open to all levels. 
Chair & Pole (available as workshop or private classes only)
In this class you will learn a choreography incorporating chair and pole. A great way to learn to control your pole moves and combos. This class is open for intermediate and above.
Open Practice Sessions
Don't have a pole at home and would like to practice your new moves, need a mirror to check you are doing the correct moves? Why not drop into an Open Practice Session (OPS). You can use the poles, chairs, floor and mirrors for an hour of your training. There will be an instructor on site for safety but they will not be teaching.
*Not available for hula hoop, we have hoop jam sessions in the park instead.
10 Class Pass-$210 To be used in  6 weeks or under 

5 Class Pass - $140 To be used in  6 weeks or under 

Casual Class - $30- If you just would like to do one class at a time you can purchase a casual class.

Casual classes must be pre-booked and pre-paid. There are no refunds on casual classes and there will be no make-up class. The class in not transferable and can only be attended by the person whose name has been originally booked. Please make sure you can attend the class when you are making your booking.

Class Pass Terms and Conditions:

1. The full amount needs to be paid when purchasing the class pass and is non-refundable either in full or in part.

2. Please make sure you use all your classes within the expiry date, as you will not be able to use it after it has expired.

3. The class pass is not transferable to another student and can only be used for the student who paid and their name is on the class pass, nor one class, nor any part of the class pass.

4. All classes must be pre-booked. 

5. There are no make-up classes. Please ensure you can make it to class when you book your class. If you have to cancel please contact us by phone on 0411 634 838.

6. The timetable is subject to change at any time, either in the beginning or middle of each term.

OPS single class - $10 If you have a class pass- $20 for all others 
Private classes - From $120 per hour. Please contact us for further information.
Private Studio Hire - $50 per hour (For one person. Additional persons $10 each)
No Refund policy - There are strictly no refunds available on any casuals, classes, practice sessions, studio hire, products or any other services purchased from Star Pole Studio Byron Bay.
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